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Having Fun Outdoors with Full on Fitness Marin. Syndee in the front with my fabulous students! Now, more than ever, it’s critical to stay fit and healthy, for mind, body and spirit. Now is the time to rise above challenges and take action to feed your spirit within. Whether you are looking to, get in shape, stay in shape, take it to the next level, or just take this off your bucket list, Full on Fitness is here to get you to your happy place and keep you there.

We offer a full gamut of services to help you achieve your optimum health and happiness:

• Enjoy the company of others, in the beautiful, great outdoors with Syndee’s, all levels and all ages, and way fun fitness classes. You stick with this, you will see results.

• Take it to the next level with a 6-week personalized small group class with added individualized support; fitness assessments, progress charts, handouts to meet your health goals.

• Treat yourself to the luxury of in-home, one-on-one private training, designed specifically with you, your schedule and your health goals in mind.

• Fine tune your diet thru plant-based cooking classes and practical and progressive nutrition coaching. Let me show you how to make beautiful, creative vegan entree’s, appetizers, bountiful salads and nearly healthy snacks and desserts.

• I have plenty of experience with live, virtual, sessions whether cooking, coaching or personal training, providing realtime feedback, with all eyes on deck, in the comfort of your own home. And even if you think you don’t have fitness equipment, I’m very creative with what you do have. You’d be amazed what one can accomplish with towels and a pair of underwear.

Whatever service interests you, through my years of experience, I will always meet you where you are and I am fully committed to help you reach your goals, thru nutrition and exercise. And more than that, through my love for fitness and the deep desire to inspire others, I am here to help you enjoy the journey, not just the destination, to make it last a lifetime.

Join me in helping you to discover and embrace the joy and freedom in making healthy choices and finding the fun in fitness. Your self-confidence will love you for it. And I will love being a part of your transformation. I have a full arsenal of fitness equipment to keep it interesting, challenging and tailored to your needs. During my 30 years of coaching, I have happily worked with all ages 8-98, fit or not so much. Let’s do this together NOW!

Syndee Collison, CNC, CPT
(415) 215-9802

Syndee trained my family at our home, running outdoor workouts during the pandemic.  She adjusted activities to support our middle-aged quirks and needs, plus she modified for the kids and kept them engaged in the workout.  I liked that she varied the circuits enough to keep me interested and had the right balance of motivation while delivering a challenging workout. She’s a real gem!

The Thigpens
San Anselmo, CA