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About Syndee

Syndee Collison, CNC, CPT
(415) 215-9802

Like so many in the world, I too am a dog lover. Yes, I guess you could say I'm quite a softy but I can play hard ball too, for the benefit of my clients, but of course. I would love it if you reached out for one of my services: personal training, outdoor fitness classes or plant-based cooking and find out for yourself what motivates you to get out and get fit.It has been my experience that most clients are physically able to do far more than they think they can. I have had the good fortune to help so many achieve results beyond their own expectations. As an experienced coach, and by paying close attention to my clients, I am able to safely and gently encourage them to move past their self-imposed limitations.

As a result, my clients gain more than just strength and muscle; they gain confidence. Confidence that helps them in so many other aspects of their lives.

As partners in health, together we will develop a fitness and nutrition plan, track your progress and help maintain your goals to achieve the results you want. Through my energy, passion and creativity, I will make it fun so you can enjoy the experience and the journey, not just the end results, therefore enjoying life-long changes.

Whatever your interest, or wherever you are in your life, I truly hope to motivate you to be your best self and live a life you love. Please check out my qualifications and experience.

Qualifications and Experience

Group Exercise Instructor/AFAA Certified 30 Years:

• 30 years of teaching a variety of fitness classes at many reputable gyms: The Bay Club, 24 Hour Fitness, 5 Points Fitness, YMCA, Jewish Community Center, Elan, Nautilus of Marin, Rolling Hills Club, Sausalito Fitness Club.

• I have been blessed to be teaching now, for 15 years, in the great and beautiful outdoors of Marin County, offering a wide variety of modalities: Total Body Boot Camp, HIIT, TRX, PIYO with lots of cutting-edge equipment.

• I teach a Zoom Step Class and would LOVE to have you join me. It’s free and so freeing of the inner spirit.

Personal Trainer/AFAA Certified 20 years:

• 20 years of one-on-one fitness coaching programs, working with all ages, from 8 to 98, while specializing in those over 60 to help maintain a high level of fitness with customized and creative training programs designed to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

• 10 years at a slow-motion strength training studio.

• 4 years as a fitness educator for Dr. Shaikh’s patients at Soluna, a comprehensive health and wellness center in Sausalito.

Certified Nutrition Consultant 20 Years:

• Graduate of Bauman College in Penngrove, a well established, progressive, holistic nutrition and culinary arts school.

• I teach plant-based cooking classes in person and on Zoom, with the option of online participation or just observation, and I will continue to offer video clips and tips.

• I offer private plant-based cooking and meal preparation, customized to your needs, in your home.

On a More Personal Note

I had the honor of volunteering with the local Marin Chapter of EarthSave and then eventually running as the Chairperson. We organized fun and educational events oriented around plant-based nutrition, lectures, potlucks, cooking classes, and picnics.

I volunteered at Marin Humane for 10 years as a dog walker. It was a very rewarding experience. I hope to return to this great organization or find some other volunteer opportunity to give back to my community. It just feels like the right thing to do.

I enjoy many sports, including pickleball, soccer, and cycling. I have found, at my age of 62, that consistent strength training is key to avoiding injuries. I encourage my clients and highly recommend that you find some activity that you are passionate about that keeps you moving, gives you something to look forward to, improves your coordination, proprioception, gives you confidence, and connects you to a community of healthy people. That said, if you are a little intimidated to take this on, I can help you prepare for such activities through sports-specific training.

I look forward to connecting with you.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Syndee with over a hundred people seeking better health, diet and fitness over the past decade. I have worked across the United States and with over 70 countries of healthcare workers. I find her simply at the top of her field and for an unparalleled price point. She is always learning and open to other pearls from her colleagues in medicine. She applies her knowledge with her innate skills of empathy, patience, kindness and compassion to help each person where they are, consistently, one day at a time, to optimize their health. She can work on short term specifics with a well organized, self-motivating and disciplined person. Or she can work longitudinally with someone who knows they need to change their diet and exercise but need ongoing support to change long term habits in doing so. She aids 90 year olds, the disabled, the young, and triathletes. Her wisdom and artistry is broad and vast. All wrapped up in a happy, light hearted, smiling ball of energy that makes fun out of what otherwise may feel challenging for a person: recovering, building and changing. Just say Yes to Syndee.

Naureen A. Shaikh MD FAAFP FNAPCRG swMBA
Senior Clinical Faculty Department of Family Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine
President MyType
Founder Soluna Health Inc
Founder Mobile Medical Team International