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As you know by now, I am super stoked about food and fitness. I hope anything and/or everything on my website has sparked an interest and you too will find the fun and freedom in fitness and the joy of making healthy food choices. Here are just a few benefits:

• You gain peace of mind by knowing you are honoring your body by taking good care of it.

• Your body will give you back an abundance of energy, stamina, and the ability and freedom to do more.

• You will build more confidence and good vibes, both physically and emotionally, knowing you are doing the best you can.

• It frees you from the disempowering and perhaps constant nagging internal dialogue, “I should be exercising,” and “I should eat healthy.”

I look forward to serving your needs. If you have any questions or if you would like to stay informed of my offerings, please leave a note here. I am happy to send out reminder texts to get out and get fit and partake in and enjoy cooking opportunities.

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    Syndee Collison, CNC, CPT
    (415) 215-9802

    Syndee was my trainer for a number of years at a slow motion strength training studio and I’ve never been more fit in my life. Not only did I get stronger and leaner, I also really enjoyed the energy that we shared together. It was like tough love. She was kind but had an intention to get me in shape. I appreciated it.

    Years later, I asked her to work with my mother, whom at the time had knee surgery not long before and a partial hip replacement. She wanted to maintain her independence and get stronger. 10 years later, she is still seeing her, now at her home, as she became homebound during COVID.

    Both my sister and I so appreciate what Syndee does for my Mom. It brings us peace of mind, as she is one of the few people that she has seen over the last 3 years. We really trust her and she always brings a smile to my mom’s face, which means the world to us.

    Carolyn and Leslie Thomas
    San Rafael, CA