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Nutrition Counseling

The Eating for Health Model is the foundation of my two year, certified nutrition consultant training through Bauman College. It is an open and integrated holistic approach to eating for health. It was challenging, progressive and the circulum was so practical and hands-on. Nothing not to love. Can't wait to share some of the many pearls of wisdom I acquired thru this program. Good nutrition is the key to good health. Good health is the key to having plenty of energy. Energy makes it possible to achieve maximum results – in and out of the gym.

Just like we benefit from a personal trainer for the outside of our bodies, we also benefit from a nutrition coach for the inside. If you want plenty of energy, a stronger, leaner, more efficient body, optimal cardio health, stronger, healthier bones, and a long, disease-free life, without medical bills, sign up for a consultation with Syndee.

Who needs Nutritional Counseling?
Whether you are dealing with a specific health concern or just want to turn up the volume and fine-tune your diet, nutritional counseling is the source for:

• Elevating your energy and productivity
• Decreasing overall weight and body fat
• Improving your endurance and strength
• Accelerating your body’s recovery time
• Increasing your metabolic output
• Improving your overall health and vitality
• Living a long disease-free life without doctors and expensive medical bills.

How does Nutritional Counseling Work?
Understanding a client’s health history, current health concerns, and health goals are at the core of nutrition counseling.

Through inquiry, a health history form and various assessments, we can determine the most obvious direction to help you achieve your goals. Handouts, recipes, quick and easy tips, a neatly typed, step-by-step, tailored nutrition program are tools to help you stay on track. Additionally, I assess your progress, fine-tune your health goals and help support you in reaching them.

Why am I more confused the more I learn?

There is so much conflicting information available to us now. As an experienced nutrition counselor and fitness coach, I can help you reach your personal health goals quickly. I offer practical but effective long-term solutions. I will listen carefully, answer your questions, and tailor a program based on your individual needs.

Do I have to give up my junk food?

The choice is yours. You can certainly incorporate healthy options into your current food program and benefit by doing so. However, eliminating the foods that are difficult to digest, that offer limited nutrient content, and that are causing excess fat
and fatigue will definitely accelerate the effectiveness of your workouts, and you will likely feel better overall.

I can design a food plan and show you how to shop for creative alternatives to your tastiest food choices and help you incorporate more strengthening, nutrient-dense foods. I can also analyze your current supplement regime and make educated suggestions based on many years of experience.

Will I benefit from using herbs and supplements?

• Do you drink excess coffee, alcohol, or soda?
• Do you eat refined foods such as white flour and white rice?
• Do you use sugar or eat foods with sugar?
• Do you experience excess stress?

Research indicates that each one of these can leach important minerals and vitamins from the body.

Additionally, depleted and chemical-laden soils, processed foods, and dietary and environmental toxicities have similar effects. They present a war zone for the body. The first and foremost line of defense is choosing to eat natural, whole foods. Unfortunately, for many these foods are not always convenient to find nor easy to prepare.

Herbs and supplements, on the other hand, provide the specific nutrients with the required potency that is often lacking in our diets. Consider herbs and supplements as a helping hand toward better health and vitality.

There are herbs and supplements for specific needs such as the following:

• Building and toning muscle
• Balancing blood sugar
• Reducing cholesterol
• Losing excess weight
• Increasing energy
• Elevating and regulating moods
• Reducing aches and pains

At Bauman College, I studied the use of herbs and supplements and have been trained by professionals who have used and successfully treated clients with these ancient healing and strengthening tools. I have applied these teachings to my own practice and have been successful at helping my clients make better and more cost-effective choices.

My Personal Path to a Plant-Based Diet:

Thirty years ago I read a book, “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins. I had no idea it would impact my life so dramatically.

I set out to learn, and then teach, what I thought at the time was the most profound concept that resonated with me on a very deep level: “What we eat can have a positive impact on the planet, for the well-being of animals, and our own health.” It changed my life forever.

I naively first set out to talk to people about how factory farming was inhumane and not good for the planet. This was a conversation that so many had difficulty with, including myself. I failed more than once, as I let my emotions get the better of me.

Learning the hard way, I discovered that talking to people about their health was an easier conversation and one that most people could identify with.

This led me to Bauman College, a California state certified, progressive, holistic nutrition and culinary arts school in the Bay Area, where I learned so much about the influence food has on our health.

This was a concept that I had never considered, having grown up on the typical Midwestern diet: meat, potatoes, iceberg lettuce, and canned vegetables. My mom tried and was conscientious. But like so many, she just learned from resources that did not have the best interests of her or her family in mind.

I have since learned, as a professional and certified nutrition consultant, to meet people where they are and to offer baby steps to get them where they’d like to go. I no longer preach but teach how to embrace, one day at a time, a plant-based diet. I use practical strategies and solutions, offering private and small-group cooking classes.

No matter where you are with this concept – wanting to embrace a full-on food makeover or to simply tweak your diet to make it healthier and tastier – I’m honored to help you learn how to embrace, enjoy, and thrive on a plant-based diet.

Syndee Collison, CNC, CPT
(415) 215-9802

As always, I truly enjoy Syndee’s classes. At each one, I gain a few more recipes and tricks to keep in my pocket. And it’s surprising how much my kids like some of the dishes I have prepared. So thank you for sharing your kitchen with us and helping us prepare such delicious food! I am a big fan and have taken all her cooking classes thus far.

In addition, I have trained with her for over 10 years now, on and off, when I’ve needed extra support and creativity. She’s been there for me, through thick and thin, and really made a difference in my overall health and fitness level.

Daisy Romjue
Mill Valley, CA