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As you can see in this photo, some of my best relationships are formed between myself and my clients. I always feel so honored and grateful to help them achieve the fitness they deserve. There is nothing more valuable than your health of both body and mind and I hope you know you deserve it. I say, Wanting to find the joy and creativity in fitness to create life-long changes? Stuck in a fitness rut? Looking for an experienced trainer to pull you out and empower you to do your best? To hold you accountable? To help you acheive the results you deserve by pushing you past your self-imposed limitations?

I hear, over and over again, “Syndee, if you weren’t here to encourage me, I would have never done those last four reps.” It’s in those last four reps that you’re really going to excel and see results. And working with an experienced trainer, with an eye for good form, you can do this safely and effectively and feel good about your accomplishments. That said, I will always meet you where you are to help you meet your fitness goals, comfortably and safely. For the past 30 years, I have had the good fortune to help so many people, of all ages and fitness levels, 8 to 98, experience and appreciate the value of exercise.

What to Expect:

• We will start with a getting to know you Q&A session intended to understand what makes you tick, assess your nutrition and fitness goals, any limitations and/or injuries, what exercises you like and don’t like, and most importantly, am I a good fit for you?

• I chart your progress and any feedback so I know how to navigate your workouts to keep them safely moving forward to help you avoid plateauing. I will even consider what you do and don’t like to do. That said, clients are often willing to do what they don’t like to do in order to go beyond where they might otherwise go on their own.

• Creative, fun, and challenging exercises designed with you in mind.

• Plenty of equipment to work with: TRX suspension trainer, stability balls, medicine balls, Bosus, foam rollers, exercise tubes, weights, Kettlebells, boxing, jump ropes and more.

• An educational component such as recipes, nutrition, and fitness handouts.


• I encourage you to start with one session to decide whether I am a good fit for you. It is “personal” training after all, and I will take no offense if I am not. I do recommend that you commit to a minimum of 10 sessions, as that is typically how long it takes to see significant results.

• Have weights, will travel. In other words, I am fully prepared and equipped to meet with you in the convenience of your home or back yard without compromising the quality of your workouts. That said, if you prefer, you can come to my house, and weather dependent, we can work together in my lovely back yard (it really is lovely). Or, we can meet in the great outdoors at your favorite park, beach, or trailhead.

• Prices will vary depending upon location and the length of your commitment.

Syndee Collison, CNC, CPT
(415) 215-9802

I’ve been training with Syndee for more than 3 years now, actually since the exact start of the coronavirus pandemic in March, 2020. So, other than our very first session at the gym, for the first 2 years, most had been via FaceTime, Syndee from her home, me from mine.

I appreciated her ability to so quickly adapt her workouts to these very different conditions that have now become commonplace! I have a number of physical challenges that dictate how much I am able to push my body. In light of that, I have found Syndee to be thoughtful and creative in her approach to our workouts, which are much more than 10 reps x 2 of this and 15 reps of that.

I’ve seen definite improvements in my overall strength and core stability. Perhaps just as important, I have an increased body awareness, which helps me understand and use my body more wisely! Since COVID restrictions have lessoned, Syndee comes to my home more often, which I love as it gives her a better ability to observe my form and make corrections. She’s equally great in person or online! 

Cathy Stierhoff, Sausalito, CA