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Six Weeks Strong Classes

The students here are lifting Bosus over their heads to work on their shoulders, then doing planks and mountain climbers to improve their core then jumping on them to do balance work and improve their bone density. The Bosu is a very versatile apparatus that helps you get your whole body stronger and more fit, which helps you lower your risk of injury and chronic disease and can increase the fun factor in your life. Recommended to only do this with a fitness trainer that can keep an eye on your form.I’m confident you will not only appreciate the “Six-Weeks-Strong” challenge, but you will also definitely fall in love with the results. But not just short-term results, but long-lasting results, as this class is intended to educate, motivate and empower you to keep the benefits long after it is over.

Small group fitness is designed to meet your specific needs with a group of supportive, like-minded students. This class is the perfect solution if you want a program tailored with you and your family or friends in mind, without the cost of a personal trainer while having the support and experience of one. It is also designed to challenge you and to tap into your highest potential for the greatest results.

What to expect:

• We start with a “getting to know you” session, designed to understand your nutrition and fitness goals, limitations or injuries you may have, your past successes with exercise, and perhaps the not-so-successful ones, so we can meet you where you are then monitor your specific needs and progress.

• Creative, fun, and challenging exercises that are easily tailored to meet your needs and intended to kick your calories.

• Plenty of equipment to work with: TRX suspension trainer, stability balls, medicine balls, Bosus, foam rollers, exercise tubes, weights, kettlebells, boxing gear, jump ropes and more.

• An educational component such as recipes, nutrition and fitness handouts, all hand-picked with your long-term goals in mind.

• Class takes place in the beautiful outdoors: the park, the beach, your backyard, my backyard or in my home studio/garage.

How you can benefit from this program:

• Have the ability to set a time and date that works for you and your team.

• Enjoying a community of like-minded people to share your transformation and to help you get there and stay there.

• Class is tailored with each individual in mind to help you meet your specific health goals.

• Gain confidence and the ability to do more, lift more, enjoy more and live a fulfilling, fit life.

• Experience a high level of physical fitness including lean strong muscles, cardio endurance and better bones you can count on.

• Strength training can reduce your risk of sports-related injuries by up to 50 percent. Imagine what it will do for your average day!

Partners in promoting fitness:

As an incentive to help bring a small group together, you will receive a generous finders fee.

For example: For every friend you invite and have sign up for a series of 10 sessions, you get 10 percent off your portion (maximum 30 percent). Each student pays a one-time, flat rate, paid in advance. If you miss a class there is no reimbursement (added incentive to show up). The cost of the program varies depending upon location, the number of students, and how often we meet.


The “Six-Weeks-Strong” program is designed to meet twice per week for 6 weeks. That equals 12 sessions. There is no reimbursement and you pay whether you can attend or not. One class can be made up, with your coach, via Zoom/online. This offer expires within 30 days from the time you missed your session. This policy is designed to keep you on track, get the best results, and hold you accountable. The location is to be determined and will likely change each week. Some of my favorite San Rafael locations are Dominican University, the Civic Center, and Shoreline Parkway near Target. Other locations include behind the Bon Air Shopping Center in Greenbrae and Corte Madera Town Park. And we would happily entertain your suggestions as well.


Syndee Collison, CNC, CPT
(415) 215-9802

I had the good fortune to have my Doctor, Naureen Shaikh, refer me to Syndee for fitness and nutrition education.

In just a few sessions, I learned so much and really appreciated her support and the thought and energy she put into it. I felt that she really authentically cared about my health and well being.

She also helped me understand how and why to do exercises on my own. We first worked out in her very peaceful backyard, with the birds and plants using exercise tubes, weights, a TRX and boxing gloves and then she came to the gym where I live and showed me how to work with the equipment in a way that I would have never considered, so I could do exercise on my own, safely and more effectively. I appreciated all she shared with me including some good practical nutrition and cooking tips.

Gari Thompson
San Rafael, CA